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DECEMBER 2021 UPDATE - Expanded Immunization Dashboard 

The purpose of the Coronavirus in Kids (COVKID) Tracking and Education Project is to monitor and compile epidemiologic surveillance data on COVID-19 in children and teens in the United States.

  • NEW DASHBOARD! Pediatric Hospitalization Trends

  • NEW DASHBOARD! State Immunizations by Age has the most recent COVID-19 vaccination data for kids.


  • View the COVID-19 cases (incidence) dashboards for the USA, regions, and states below.

  • Our hospitalizations, deaths, and racial/ethnic disparities dashboards can be reached through the menu above.

  • UPDATED: The COVKID State Report Card tracks quality and completeness of data reporting by state health departments.


  • Our blog, The COVKID Compass, brings you easy-to-understand, unbiased, and up-to-date scientific explanations of all aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic in children and teenagers.

We welcome your feedback, data links and leads, and constructive criticism  - email us at covkid.project@wiise-usa.org

COVID-19 Cases (Incidence) Dashboard

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